This chapter forms the foundation of the book. Each Nanny Notes page allows for quick and easy reporting on nappy changes, feeds, sleeps, what they did during playtime, your baby’s overall mood, any developmental milestones and more.

  1. No more repetitive "how did it go today" hand-over conversations
  2. No risk of your child’s nanny forgetting any details
  3. Quick and easy to see exactly what has happened while you were away
  4. Makes planning a routine for the remainder of the day a pleasure

At the top of each Nanny Notes page you will find an additional space to write a note to your childminder. You could mention if the baby had a bad night or slept right through – things like this often impact how the child behaves during the day and will be helpful to know. You could simply write hello and thank you. It’s completely up to you.

Similarly, there are sections where your child's caregiver can write notes for your attention – such as whether or not there were any incidents during the day, a message to return a phonecall or to buy any essential items.

The second chapter is made up by pages that explain your child's current routine. Each routine can be as detailed or as succinct as you like – the idea is that you write down the child's current age and general routine so that you don't have to re-write it each time a different person babysits (including your partner for those rare occasions where you leave the house to treat yourself)!

If your child is a newborn you will soon find that the routine changes really quickly. We've allowed for one routine page for each week over a three month period. An added bonus of having your child's routine written down is that it will be useful to compare age and routines when the next baby comes along!

Another great feature of this chapter is that it allows you to suggest your preferred games and the stimulation activities that you would like your child to take part in on a weekly basis.

The third chapter allows you to record all the essential contact information you need to keep close at hand.

Everything from your partner's work telephone number to information on your next of kin, to your child's list of allergies and the poison center number will be stored safely here.

Don't wait. Fill everything in straight away - this is life-saving information.

The last chapter covers the following four important infant first aid topics:

  • CPR
  • Choking
  • Poisoning
  • Burns

The worded information has been kept short and sweet as everyone looking after your precious bundle should have a basic first aid qualification. The idea behind this chapter is that it serves as a quick visual reminder in a panicked situation when you don't have the time to read.

Please contact your nearest Baby Clinic for a list of qualified first aid courses aimed at both parents and nannies.

Differences between the available book formats

The “Spiral Bound” Nanny Notebooks are hardcover books with a white, spiral binding. We chose the spiral binding so that the books can be opened completely flat, to ensure that they are easy to write in no matter where you are in the diary section.

These books are not refillable. This is the more affordable option in the Nanny Notebook range and is ideal for parents who do not want to throw a single journal page away, but rather purchase new books as needed and save them as individual baby journals.

In the organiser format, the Nanny Notebook is encased in a stunning Filofax-type embossed cover. This is a more upmarket version of the book and is available in either blue or pink. The Nanny Notebook itself is hole-punched and stored inside the cover and the diary part of the book (the Nanny Notes section) is refillable. Each refill contains 90 Nanny Notes pages.

Are the books available in stores?

At present the Nanny Notebooks are available in the following stores in South Africa:

  • Kids Emporium (Nationwide)
  • PNA (Plumstead, Cape Town)
  • Prospur Pharmacy (Plumstead, Cape Town)
  • Petit Love (Greenpint, Cape Town)
  • Help@Home (Nanny agency in Johannesburg)
  • MyMunchkin (
Please contact should you wish to enquire about including The Nanny Notebook range in your product offering.

And that's it! The Nanny Notebook in a nutshell.

Tucked away safely as your baby grows, this book will transform into a detailed keepsake to reflect on with warm fondness - a clear window into the most precious time of your child's life.

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